The Milestone is our flagship piece.  This cuff is ethically made from recycled sterling silver. It was designed in collaboration with the gifted team of brothers, Peter and John Indorf. The naturally shaped pebbles evoke the feeling of a cobblestone path. One pebble is unique, representing the wearer among kindred spirits on the path of life. This individual pebble is made from moonstone. It's iridescent properties and introspective energy make it a very personal stone and a reflection of the owner. Known as the traveler's stone, it is said to bring good fortune and protection - the perfect piece to wear as you walk through life.

About the Team

Marianne S. Pantalon, PhD

Creator and CEO (Chief Empathic Officer) 

​Social Entrepreneur

Leadership Coach at

Michael V. Pantalon, PhD

Motivation Guru

Motivation Expert, Author, Speaker, Trainer

Senior Research Scientist, Yale School of Medicine

Fuad Abujarad, PhD, MSc

Tech Master

Systems Architect

Associate Research Scientist, Yale School of Medicine

Peter Indorf

The Gem

Peter Indorf Jewelers, founded 1972

​Specializes in designing and creating custom jewelry

About the Bracelet